Ripley's Heroes

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Thank you for your interest in helping attract and maintain experienced talent to support the ongoing crisis in Poland & Ukraine.

First, we'd like to explain the mission of Ripley's Heroes:
We exist to attract, service and provide for volunteer and experienced talent that would otherwise not able to help in the crisis in Ukraine and Poland due to cost of transportation, lodging or material and equipment shortages.

We are real! We are a 100% Disabled Veteran owned and operated company and are licensed as such in the State of Virginia and we operate under an EIN from the Federal Government. So we are legitimate and all our funds and assets are taxable under U.S. law and reportable to the IRS.

Support Ripley's Heroes

Your generous donation enables our mission to support the ongoing crisis in Poland and Ukraine.

Our Mission Statement is:
"To provide effective support to the ongoing crisis in Poland and Ukraine by attracting and maintaining critical, senior and experienced personnel where most needed. This includes deploying and sustaining a cadre of aid workers, volunteers and Ukrainian Army, Legion and Territorial Defense units members with free to use protective equipment, transportation and medical supplies."

Our talent consists of the following:
(These are real people doing real work!)

  • Board Certified Surgeon(s) to support medical needs.
  • Aid/medical workers to the refugee crisis operating from both Poland and Ukraine.
  • Combat journalism documenting the crisis to three target audiences to ensure the truth about Russian aggression is exposed: Italy, Germany and the U.S.
  • And Ukrainian Legion, Army and Territorial Defense units needing transportation and protective equipment.
What we do
  • Provide transportation to our employees into and back from Poland (Includes Plane, train tickets and automobile).
  • Provide personal operating equipment to talent. This includes, but isn't limited to deployed surgical sets, medical equipment and medicines/critical care sets. In our first successful roll-out we equipped, transported and supported our medical team at the Hrebenne Border in Poland. The mission expired when we turned it over to the CMAT team on 27Mar22, but we maintain legacy ties and support to the Canadian CMAT medical team currently operating there. Our work was detailed online in the news in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Provide personal protective equipment: this includes safety goggles, hearing protection, surgical garments, blaze/high-vis safety vests and helmets, flak jackets and kevlar helmets to those in at-risk locations, GPS units, satellite communications, survey/multi-role airborne drones and vehicle and/or equipment leases to service their assigned roles.
  • We also expense transportation and fuel for those traveling and have provided accommodations and sustenance/subsistance to all our talent remaining abroad.
What we don't do
  • Provide arms, explosives or ammunition.
  • Provide deadly or harm causing instruments (knives, clubs, etc).
What we have done
  • Crowdsource equipment to the volunteers. This has been all manner of medical and equipment donations.
  • Crowdsource travel and transportation.
  • Crowdsource talent: this is where we have been most successful!

**We need talent over there, and it isn't cheap! Please help us get the right folks to the right locations with the right gear**

What we intend to do with our donations
  • Crowdsource transportation costs into and out of Poland and Ukraine (plane tickets, rail and automobile). Ultimately we'd like to purchase two pickups and a dedicated ambulance/emergency vehicle.
  • Crowdsource medical and personal protective equipment for our personnel.
  • Crowdsource food and lodging needs for our talent that go into Poland and Ukraine.