Support by Fire

Release Date: November - 2020


A new military fiction novel by RED METAL co-author Rip Rawlings. Hitting the shelves in November of 2020, Support by Fire promises to raise the hair on the necks of even the most stalwart fiction reader. Billed as "Red Dawn" meets "The Dirty Dozen" it is filled with great characters and plenty of action.


Spring, Fallujah Iraq 2004 and for U.S. Marine 1st Lieutenant Tyce Asher, the day is not flowers and parades, quite the opposite. An Iraqi mine blows him out of his Humvee, a sniper pins his men and before the day is through, he’s fighting hand-to-hand with a knife wielding terrorist as a grenade ticks down somewhere nearby. His day looks to be improving when he polishes off the bad guy, but when the grenade rips his leg off, he reconsiders.