Interview with LIMA CHARLIE

A Lima Charlie Interview: Mark Greaney & USMC LtCol Rawlings. Authors of RED METAL!

img_2847I recently got an opportunity to sit down with Mark Greaney and U.S. Marine -Lieutenant Colonel Hunter Ripley “Rip” Rawlings IV to talk about their upcoming novel, Red Metal. What I expected to be a quick discussion, not wanting to waste too much of their time turned into an hour plus talk about the Marine Corps, how Red Metal came to be, their research, writing process, and LtCol Rawling’s upcoming solo work. I think we got a little excited and talked in depth about some particular scenes that I liked. They broke down their writing process for those scenes and really painted a nice picture of how each one of those scenes came together. To keep it spoiler free, I had to cut majority of that talk out of this interview, but nonetheless I very much enjoyed doing this interview and as a thriller fan, I look forward to more reading material from this experienced battlefield commander and newly published author as well as more Gray Man from Mark Greaney.



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