Providence Journal Review of Red Metal

Thrillers roundup !

Mark Greaney departs from his Gray Man series to pen the first installment in a new one alongside Marine Lt. Col. Hunter Ripley Rawlings. “Red Metal” (Berkley, 656 pages, $27.00) reads like Tom Clancy or W.E.B. Griffin at their level best, which is obviously saying a lot.

This classic military action-thriller imagines a Russian strike against Europe, an increasingly plausible notion these days. How, then, will the United States respond to such an overt provocation? The answer evokes the same kind of internecine conflicts that arose prior to America’s entry into World War II and in the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the fictional suspense every bit the equal of the factual kind as the book rises to a Fail-Safe level of nail-biting with World War III a seeming inevitability.

All of Greaney’s considerable talents are on display here, honed to an even sharper edge by the still-serving Rawlings’ battlefield expertise. This is the modern-day equivalent of “Red Storm Rising” and not to be missed by those who like their pages gun-metal strong.


  1. Elaine Kelly on July 30, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    Seems like a wonderful action book. A fan of Tom Clancey & Brad Thor. Can’t wait to purchase it.

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