Assault by Fire promo give-away




Wait… what’s going on?
Ok, here’s the plan: head on over to to enter to win free stuff.

This is how it works, you buy the book and send proof to Kensington and they automatically enter you to win our free prize giveaway (no, you’re not gettin’ my Sig or the Kriss). Each month is a different give-away, sooooo…. yeah, you can enter every month until you win!
Here are the gifts:
JUNE: AbF bookmark with cool dangly dog-tag and AbF challenge coin.
JULY: Custom embroidered (with kick ass AbF logo) Afghan Shemagh in either red-white-blue (subdued) or grenade, or black rifle patterns and an AbF challenge coin.
AUGUST: Custom AbF embroidered, tactical ball cap.
SEMPER-tember: YES, the GRAND DADDY, a laser engraved AbF 30-round AR magazine (and yes… we spared no expense, it’s the MAGPUL and it comes WITH the MAGPUL rubber quick pull attachment.

Yeah, so you need to get on that.
Oh, retweeting/sharing/etc are ALL very welcome.

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