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The Kill Box By Rip Rawlings


Lt. Colonel H. Ripley Rawlings (retired) has written another absolutely stellar read in his second Tyce Asher novel The Kill Box. This intense war novel kept the tempo screaming throughout with blistering battle scenes, and detailed character development. I needed a thrilling novel to devour, and The Kill Box fit the bill effortlessly.

The Kill Box picks up a few months after the ending of Rawlings first novel, Assault By Fire where Russia has invaded the USA. What is left of the US military stateside, is slowly being bled of supplies, and has turned to civilian providers for dwindling resources. All the while the Russian war machine is running at full speed. However, the US has something Russia doesn’t have: grit, determination, and the will to get our country back.

In The Kill Box Tyce Asher, and what is left of his platoon, have been handed a mission from what is left of our government to stop a vicious plan from the Russians to wipe out what is left of the US military. Asher and his platoon will need to enlist every ounce of cunning and strength they can to carry out these orders. Russia will throw a wrench in these plans with their own cunning tactics: a mole who is just as smart as they are deadly. Let me tell you what, this character was the main driving force for me to finish this novel so fast! It was equal parts fear and fascination with what this character would do next.

The Kill Box was even better than Assault By Fire, and I thoroughly enjoyed that novel. The Kill Box leaves you with the perfect level of burning question, yet leaves you feeling satisfied at how it ended. I will be anxiously awaiting the third novel by Rawlings to see what happens next!

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